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What’s in a logo one may ask? When we started our logo design I was going down a totally different path trying to incorporate oak leaves. I wasn’t in love and well, that’s a red flag in our business! One night I had this epiphany of longitude, latitude and the actual destination we envision The Landing 1841 to be. My 5x great grandfather made his way from Europe, across the Alps, Canada and eventually settled in Burlington. The compass that he used sits in The Burlington Historical Society. Imagine the stories that thing would have to tell! This became my inspiration.

In very muddied waters it suddenly became very clear I was looking in the wrong direction.  Our designer C.Mae Design was immediately on board. Together we created our logo and it is pure perfection in my eyes. It holds more than just a logo but a family history, a journey of where we came from, how we got here and where we have yet to go. It also incorporates our wedding couples who are starting the journey of their life together and the wonderful destinations it will continue to take them on!

We kept the design as close to the actual compass itself and the needle points in the SE direction to pay tribute to our hometown Burlington and its location in Wisconsin. Burlington is rich in history, just visit The Burlington Historical society to witness it. It’s amazing what this small town holds in it’s past, present and future:)

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