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Let’s talk about the often overlooked winter wedding. Most couples looking for a rustic venue feel limited between the months of May-October as many venues run seasonally. Here at The Landing we run year round with AC for the warm months and plenty of heat to keep your guests warm and cozy in the cold ones. There are some really great advantages to hosting a winter wedding. put out this article which covers 9 fantastic ones that we couldn’t agree more with in hosting a winter wedding.

Imagine December and January, when the sun goes down early. Lights are turned down low and guests are gathered in. The bride walks down the aisle illuminated by the soft glow of candle light. The feeling is extremely romantic and the rest of the world just melts away.

Or think about how busy summer gets running around with a million things to pack into 3 months. While we move a little slower, head inside a little sooner, enjoy cuddling up with loved ones longer, and appreciate a chance to reset our minds in the quiet moments of winter.

We did a photo shoot with C.Mae Design last winter that turned out just stunning! It was near and dear to my heart, with many family heirlooms weaved into the decor. We repurposed our fellow neighbors discarded trees for an amazing backdrop with a warm inviting color scheme of burgundy, winter green, navy and gold. You can check out the full Blog here on It’s definitely worth a look!

Another great option in winter… snow of course! It sure makes for some amazing photo opportunities and back drops!

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Did you know we offer more than just weddings and run year round providing heat and AC?! We’ve officially put together our Non-Wedding packages which can be for business purposes and personal gatherings as well. The barn can be split into two wings to accommodate your guest count and needs. If you have a smaller group The River View Room is perfect. It has plenty of space, lots of natural light and access to the wrap around deck with fantastic river views. If you have a larger group or just need more space, add on The Great Room and really wow your guests with our grand chandeliers and heavy wooden timbers. During the warmer months there’s also the beautiful grounds to take advantage of that will really have your guests enjoying this private escape.

The Trueworthy House (named after a previous owner) on site is ideal for more intimate gatherings of any type and a truly worthy space to entertain. Even if it’s to host an extended family dinner and you don’t have the space or don’t want the mess in your house! Have a small group that needs a space to get together on a regular basis? We can customize a package for you! Contact us today to see how we can help you plan your next personal or business event! or 262-758-6611.

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What’s in a logo one may ask? When we started our logo design I was going down a totally different path trying to incorporate oak leaves. I wasn’t in love and well, that’s a red flag in our business! One night I had this epiphany of longitude, latitude and the actual destination we envision The Landing 1841 to be. My 5x great grandfather made his way from Europe, across the Alps, Canada and eventually settled in Burlington. The compass that he used sits in The Burlington Historical Society. Imagine the stories that thing would have to tell! This became my inspiration.

In very muddied waters it suddenly became very clear I was looking in the wrong direction.  Our designer C.Mae Design was immediately on board. Together we created our logo and it is pure perfection in my eyes. It holds more than just a logo but a family history, a journey of where we came from, how we got here and where we have yet to go. It also incorporates our wedding couples who are starting the journey of their life together and the wonderful destinations it will continue to take them on!

We kept the design as close to the actual compass itself and the needle points in the SE direction to pay tribute to our hometown Burlington and its location in Wisconsin. Burlington is rich in history, just visit The Burlington Historical society to witness it. It’s amazing what this small town holds in it’s past, present and future:)

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It doesn’t get much better than Tim Mcgraw’s song Humble and Kind. I was in tears the first time I heard it thinking of our big dreams at the time and looking forward to the day our work put in would be realized. Well, that day has come. Our first event was nothing short of perfect and each event since has been equally, yet in their own way amazing. From the beginning I’ve felt this project was something special, something beyond just us and we handed it over to the man upstairs for us to be his working hands. There has been a lot of stress, a lot of sacrifice and a lot of frustration at times. BUT all of this has kept us humble and appreciative of the opportunity we have been given. There is no reward without sacrifice and no better feeling than giving your all for something you truly believe in. The Landing is something great for not only our family, but it is also something great for our community, for other businesses and therefore other families. There is something very special about this place and we are very excited to be able to share it with others to enjoy and celebrate life’s greatest moments! Life is crazy and when willing it takes you to unexpected places. Ours has brought us here and I hope it continues to keep us humble and kind. 🙂

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Inspiration. Barns are a thing of natural beauty and grace. They were built to serve a purpose with humble beginnings and they were built on someone’s dreams, inspirations and pride. They can be grand and they can be small. I’ve seen grand falling apart and I’ve seen small holding their ground. Ours is a little of both. It is grand, but like too many barns it had been let go. But ours has Great Hope, Great Vision and Great Inspiration. We’re going to finish the exterior in a grey white wash, Grand Chandeliers in the Great Room, a built in bar, French doors to access a wrap around deck… The list goes on. We’re working on a few inspirations from some of our favorite venues across the country (photo: Pippin Hill Farm) yet preserving the natural and unique characteristics that our lovely barn already holds. She’s a diamond in the rough and when it’s all said and done she will shine with inspiration for generations to come. 🙂

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Any building, project and relationship require a great foundation. We’re lucky to have all three. 🙂 Over the past couple weeks we have been busy tearing out the old floor boards and replacing everything beneath them. To see the barn so completely exposed from top to bottom was absolutely amazing. Pictures can not do it justice! It’s a shame these massive beams and their natural beauty will once again be covered up, but that great foundation will remain below our feet. A few pictures of the project and progress as well as my better half who provides our little family with an equally amazing foundation!


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Tim found these initials neatly carved with a chisel into one of the beams in the great room. J.Y and H.Y. The second Y. was traced but never finished. I wonder what got in the way. A grown mans work beckoning him or maybe a skilled child’s mother calling 🙂 We’ve been fortunate enough to know/meet some of the previous individuals who lived on the property at some point. We have been told they actually hosted dances in the barn in the hay mow back in the day. Who would have guessed entertainment would one day become its main purpose? We’re sure there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears as well as laughter and love that make up this barns history. We’re happy to repeat that process once again 🙂 Everyone speaks so fondly of their time on the farm and we welcome their visits. This is definitely a special place and you feel it when you’re here. There are some great memories these old walls hold and we can’t wait to add to them!

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Compared to when we purchased the property the barn has been cleared out. Most of the demo has now been completed and we are getting it ready for renovations to begin. I love all the natural wood and how warm and comfortable it makes the space feel. We’ll be going for a modern rustic look with lots of elegant touches to balance that natural rustic feel. New flooring, chandeliers, built in bar area, rest rooms, heat/AC, French doors and deck are just a few of the additions. Let the work begin!

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When we purchased the property there were over 7000 paintings being stored between the large barn, smaller one and the shop. I don’t think anyone, except a handful of people, knew about the previous owner, his art studio in the barn or the amount of his work being stored there. It was truly overwhelming to witness and left me speechless when I went home. The previous owner, Matt Lamb, was a businessman turned world renowned artist and peace activist. He lived a truly amazing life. He felt moved by the Holy Spirit to paint and spread a message of peace, love and tolerance among men. He passed away in 2012. We will display some of his artwork in the barn when it is completed along with his painting suit to honor a life well lived!

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