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Tim found these initials neatly carved with a chisel into one of the beams in the great room. J.Y and H.Y. The second Y. was traced but never finished. I wonder what got in the way. A grown mans work beckoning him or maybe a skilled child’s mother calling :) We’ve been fortunate enough to know/meet some of the previous individuals who lived on the property at some point. We have been told they actually hosted dances in the barn in the hay mow back in the day. Who would have guessed entertainment would one day become its main purpose? We’re sure there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears as well as laughter and love that make up this barns history. We’re happy to repeat that process once again :) Everyone speaks so fondly of their time on the farm and we welcome their visits. This is definitely a special place and you feel it when you’re here. There are some great memories these old walls hold and we can’t wait to add to them!

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