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Let’s talk about the often overlooked winter wedding. Most couples looking for a rustic venue feel limited between the months of May-October as many venues run seasonally. Here at The Landing we run year round with AC for the warm months and plenty of heat to keep your guests warm and cozy in the cold ones. There are some really great advantages to hosting a winter wedding. put out this article which covers 9 fantastic ones that we couldn’t agree more with in hosting a winter wedding.

Imagine December and January, when the sun goes down early. Lights are turned down low and guests are gathered in. The bride walks down the aisle illuminated by the soft glow of candle light. The feeling is extremely romantic and the rest of the world just melts away.

Or think about how busy summer gets running around with a million things to pack into 3 months. While we move a little slower, head inside a little sooner, enjoy cuddling up with loved ones longer, and appreciate a chance to reset our minds in the quiet moments of winter.

We did a photo shoot with C.Mae Design last winter that turned out just stunning! It was near and dear to my heart, with many family heirlooms weaved into the decor. We repurposed our fellow neighbors discarded trees for an amazing backdrop with a warm inviting color scheme of burgundy, winter green, navy and gold. You can check out the full Blog here on It’s definitely worth a look!

Another great option in winter… snow of course! It sure makes for some amazing photo opportunities and back drops!

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